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ARCHER® OsmoCare is a solid, highly soluble, specific biostimulant formulated with organic active ingredients, osmoprotectants, calcium and magnesium. These compounds intervene in the activation of various enzyme pathways and structural and osmoprotectant functions, which are crucial during stages of high tissue formation and maturation in a wide range of crops.


ARCHER® OsmoCare helps boost the physiology and protects the development of tissues and fruit against possible internal disorders caused by deficient assimilation of calcium and other nutrients. It also improves firmness, sugar content and ripening, thereby increasing final crop yield. These properties make ARCHER® OsmoCare a biostimulant ally that increases and stimulates calcium fixation in even the most susceptible organs.

  • Increases firmness and resistance to fruit cracking.
  • Osmoprotective effect that enhances the flow of water and nutrients.
  • Improves calcium absorption and fixation in tissues under water and heat stress.
  • Improves tolerance to tip burn in leafy crops and fruiting vegetables.
  • Increases commercial crop yields.
  • Longer post-harvest life.
9.0 w/w
Calcium (CaO) water soluble
3.0 w/w
Magnesium oxide (MgO) soluble in water
Also contains:
59.0 w/w
Biologically Active Osmoprotectants*
Instructions for use

ARCHER® OsmoCare is recommended particularly for application during delicate plant stages or when demand for calcium fixation in tissues is high (such as early fruit formation stages, those with high calcium demand under conditions of low transpiration flow, etc.).



It should preferably be applied directly to the leaves so that its effects are boosted when it is needed most due to strong cell division and/or high transpiration flow, as well as when the plant has sensitive fruit organs due to passive calcium flow to the plant’s draining organs.


Foliar Application:

Fruit, citrus and avocado trees
  • Dose (g/100L): 150-300
  • No. of Treatments: 2-4
  • Recommendations: Applications mainly during stages prone to calcium deficiency depending on fruit and variety. Especially suitable for application around fruit set, as well as during fruit growth stages under conditions of water stress or high temperatures. For citrus trees, apply when between 75 to 100% of leaves have fallen; for olive trees, apply at the start of flowering and for other fruit trees, apply at the veraison stage.
Table grapes and berries
  • Dose (g/100L): 150-250
  • No. of Treatments: 2-4
  • Recommendations: Applications from early fruit set spaced 7-10 days apart and until the end of berry growth.
Horticultural crops
  • Dose (g/100L): 100-250
  • No. of Treatments: 2-5
  • Recommendations: Repeat every 10/15 days (depending on cycle and the crop’s sensitivity to tip burn, etc.). Use at times of high calcium and/or transpiration demand when tissues and fruits or forming.
Ornamental plants and seedbeds
  • Dose (g/100L): 100-150.
  • Recommendations: Apply to improve flower quality and prevent abscission or malformation, depending on the variety.

Apply 1-3 kg/ha depending on deficiency needs during the growing season, sensitivity of the crop/variety, soil and climatic conditions, etc. Recommended in saline soils or water. **

** Fertigation application during periods of high calcium demand by targeted organs, such as early fruit development, phases of high demand due to tissue formation in leafy crops or conditions of low transpiration flow).


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