Atlántica Agrícola began its activity
in the agricultural sector in 1982

in its origin, it focused on the development of agricultural products based on humic and fulvic acids. Atlántica Agricola was pioneer in the development of these kind of products and reaches the first stage with Biocat-15, an organic fertilizer which supposed the launch of the company into the international market.

The success of Biocat-15 meant a change of course in the business policy of Atlántica Agrícola, going from being a local company with sales in the Spanish territory, to being a company with a strong exporting character.


The internationalization process started by positioning products in the American continent, as well as creating a solid distribution network, which implied Atlántica Agricola to become a referent in development and research of new products for agriculture in a wide range of crops.

As a result of this research, Bio Atlántica was founded; as a formulation and production center located in Honduras where a new line of products based on vegetal extracts was initiated. In order to obtain these natural extracts, raw materials are grown and processed with the aim to control the productive process from the beginning to the end.

In the last decade, Atlántica Agricola has continued its expansion in a global way, achieving a current presence in more than 60 countries around the world. Nowadays, the success of the company is based not just in exporting business, but in creating quality products, as well as a distributors and experts people network in every country, which provide their experience and knowledge.

This feature is essential in the development of different lines of research (R+D+i), which study adaptation of the products to crops, climate and agronomic techniques.


Atlántica Agrícola has two specific production centers for each range of products:

Main production center

Botanical extracts line Bioatlántica



Worldwide Distribution

Through local distributors and with the support of Atlántica Agrícola’s delegates.

Atlántica Agrícola owns 5 subsidiaries that provide technical and commercial support in the following countries:


Atlántica Agrícola aims to provide the agricultural sector with alternatives to nutritional and sanitary problems with certified quality products. Our quality policy is certified by:


Agriculture must be able to keep productivity and profitability, as well as to reduce environmental impact. Thus, one of the main targets of the company consisted in producing environmentally friendly agronomic products with low environmental impact.

Atlántica Agrícola aims to position itself as a world reference in production and marketing of organic products with a high effectiveness to provide the farmer efficient tools for their treatment programs. Our organic products are certified by internationally renowned companies:


Atlántica Agrícola has initiated several lines focus on the effectiveness of the products in different environments, as well as to adapt the formulations to the needs of the market. In addition to this Atlantica Agricola::

» Publishes articles in specialized magazines of the sector.

» Imparts conferences in international fairs.

» Is a founding member of AEFA (Spanish association of fertilizers producers). 

» Belongs to AFAÏA (Filière française des fabricants d’améliorants organiques et support culture).

» Is a founding member of EBIC (European Biostimulants Industry Council).

» Colaborates with AEVAE (Asociación Española de Valorización de Envases).