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27 February, 2017
2 March, 2017
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Zytron / Biozytron is a complex organic molecule group that acts in a systemic and contact way, providing elicitors that increases phytoalexin production, which is the natural defense mechanism of the plant. It has growth stimulatory effects, eliminates stress in plants because of C and E vitamin traces and has a wound healing effect. Zytron / Biozytron is a product that supports blends with most crop protection products, enhancing their action. Its formulation also allows its use in postharvest.



Citrus seed extract 20 %  w/w

DOSES* (per application):

All crops: 100-200 cc/100L every 7-15 days.
All crops: 1-3 L/ha every 7-15 days.

* Note: These doses are indicative and user will be responsible to enlarge or diminish them depending on the plant vegetative state and soil characteristics of culture. Application under supervision of a Technical Agronomist is strongly recommended.


1L, 5L, 20L


Product suitable for organic farming according to Regulation (CE) nº 834/2007.