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26 January, 2017
22 February, 2017
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Biocat-15 is a liquid humic corrector of vegetable origin specially formulated to be applied through irrigation system.

Biocat-15 properties:

It improves soil structural stability, keeping it loose, aerated and encouraging water retention.
Biological effect, it increases microbial population that performs organic matter degradation.
Biocat-15  grabs minerals locked up in the soil and also holds onto newly applied fertilizer, preventing its leaching.
Visible short-term effects of  Biocat-15.


Total humic extract 15 % w/w
Humic acids 7 % w/w
Fulvic acids 8 % w/w
Potassium oxide (K2O) water soluble 4,5 % w/w

DOSES* (per application):

Fruit trees 10-25 L/ha.
Horticulture 10-25 L/ha.
Ornamentals 10-20 L/ha.
Nurseries 1-2 L/1000 L of water.

*Do not mix with acid reaction products.
*Note:  These doses are indicative and user will be responsible to enlarge or diminish them depending on the plant vegetative state and soil characteristics of culture. Application under supervision of a Technical Agronomist is strongly recommended.


1L, 5L, 25L and 210L.


Product suitable for organic farming in agreement to Regulation (CE) nº 834/2007.