6 March, 2017
6 March, 2017
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Nutricat Zn-Mn

Nutricat Zn-Mn is a zinc and manganese corrector for foliar application. It stimulates the synthesis of chlorophyll, as well as other physiological processes such as breathing and protein synthesis. It is especially suitable for citrus, olives, vineyard  and other crops.


Total Zinc (Zn) 28 %
Manganese (Mn) water soluble 17 %

DOSES* (per application):

Fruit trees 350-500 g/100L (2-4 Kg/Ha)
Horticultural crops 350-500 g/100L (2-4 Kg/Ha)
Field crops 2 Kg/Ha
Ornamentals 300 g/100L
Nursery 300 g/100L

* Note: These doses are indicative and user will be responsible to enlarge or diminish them depending on the plant vegetative state and soil characteristics of culture. Application under supervision of a Technical Agronomist is strongly recommended.


5 Kg.