This Is Who We Are

We are a company specialising in plant nutrition and bioprotection, internationally consolidated and with a deep-rooted commitment to service.

Natural Agriculture

Everything we create at Atlántica Agrícola

is aimed at facilitating efficient and sustainable production, with little or no environmental impact.

40 Years of Natural Agriculture

This year, 2022, marks 40 years of service to farmers. In 1982, the founders of Atlántica Agrícola, Antonio Montilla and Manuel Salguero, envisioned a new model of agriculture based on the exclusion of aspects alien to nature and the creation of natural nutritional and bioprotective substances that wouldn't contaminate the soil or plant products, in order to provide the highest possible degree of health to all the inhabitants of the planet.

We have highly qualified Staff

Our technical and R&D areas have been staffed for four decades with highly experienced personnel in biostimulants, micro-organisms and botanical extracts, adding new solutions to their long experience and expertise in Natural Agriculture, adapting to each type of crop, climate and agronomic technique to offer solutions across a total of 70 countries.


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