• R&D&I

    Research, development and innovation

3LABS, our R&D&I department, formed by a group of 3 laboratories, is constantly evolving and listening to farmers' demands worldwide

The creation of an Atlántica Agrícola product always responds to farmers’ real needs.

Quality and formulation Quality and formulation

In addition to developing formulation processes, this laboratory carries out an exhaustive control on the raw materials used in the manufacturing process and strict analyses are performed on all batches of formulated products to verify and ensure their quality. We also analyse product stability under different temperature conditions to ensure that they maintain their characteristics over time and under different types of storage and climatic factors as they are distributed to a large number of countries with different climatic conditions. Lastly, we conduct compatibility tests on all of our products.

Sample analysis Sample analysis

This laboratory is mainly focused on the analysis and processing of field samples obtained from different tests that are carried out in our experimental plots and greenhouses. It is also used for the treatment of certain raw materials, such as the concentration of botanical extracts extracted at our plant in Honduras, and for the production of initial mixtures of solid microorganism-based products.

Microbiology (Microorganisms) Microbiology (Microorganisms)

The microbiology laboratory studies beneficial fungi and bacteria for inclusion in the company’s future products and tests the effectiveness of our botanical extracts against different pathogens that attack crops. This laboratory meets the requirements for conducting tests and preparing materials under maximum sterile conditions. In addition, it also carries out compatibility tests with our line of microorganisms and different biostimulant products and tests their viability at different temperatures.

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