October 2018

RAZORMIN, the most complete biostimulant for your crops

Atlántica Agrícola presents RAZORMIN, a biostimulant for your crops. The new climate conditions, resistance to plagues and illnesses which are becoming increasingly virulent and the different types of abiotic stress facing your plants mean that extra vitality is needed to tackle these factors.

Biostimulants are the “vitamins” that will make your plants grow to their full potential, by improving the absorption of nutrients, and increasing the plant’s resistance to various stress factors..

Atlántica Agrícola is a leader in the field of biostimulant products for agricultural use. After carrying out numerous studies, research and fieldwork we can finally offer you RAZORMIN, an ally for your crops.


It is a biostimulant with a great rooting effect whose well balanced formulation first induces rooting and subsequently the plant root and leaf mass development, thus stimulating cell division and elongation. The presence of amino acids and polysaccharides among its components favours the absorption of nutrients (both macro and microelements), which results in better development of the plant.

How it’s applied?

This biostimulant has been specially designed to be applied via fertigation or foliar feeding. Each application method has its own characteristics:

  • Fertigation: when applied via fertigation, RAZORMIN is added to the soil through irrigation. The result is that the roots of the plant rapidly absorb the product, thus inducing rooting thanks to the contribution of specific amino acids. In addition, it is rich in polysaccharides, which allows the roots to become more resistant, and at the same time it contributes the necessary energy for vegetation growth. On the other hand, thanks to micronutrients (such as Boron or Phosphorus), the plant receives all the necessary minerals for its growth and development, meaning that the crop grows more rapidly.
  • Foliar feeding: RAZORMIN nutrients can be easily assimilated by the plant, which allows for rapid and precise penetration through the leaves. Once inside the plant, the biostimulant’s components spread rapidly throughout the entire plant and stimulate vegetation growth.

What are the benefits of its use?

  • Stimulates rooting.
  • Increases leaf biomass.
  • Promotes cell division and elongation.
  • Strengthens the cell wall.
  • Energy supply.
  • Increased absorption of nutrients.
  • Specific aminograms for root development.

Case studies

To demonstrate the effectiveness of RAZORMIN in horticultural crops, Atlántica Agrícola has carried out several tests at its experimental farm in;Villena. The results and conclusions that were drawn will be presented in this article.

The crops used for this trials were very high value crops, such as carrots, tomatoes, pepper and broccoli:

RAZORMIN & Carrots

RAZORMIN, el bioestimulante aliado para tus cultivos Image 1. Yield of Razormin with carrots.

The tests carried out on carrot crops show that, by applying 2 l/ha via fertigation, RAZORMIN increases the parameters of the yield (average weight of the harvest) and the quality parameters chosen for monitoring the crop (equatorial diameter, length and weight per unit) See the full study on carrots.

RAZORMIN & Tomatoes

RAZORMIN, el bioestimulante aliado para tus cultivos Image 2. Yields of Razormin in tomatoes.

RAZORMIN was also effective in its biostimulation of tomatoes. For this test, it was also applied through fertigation at a rate of 300ml/100L of water, starting with the fruit set.

The results obtained (as can be seen in the graphs) were satisfactory, the yield increased (both of the harvest and per plant), and the main quality parameters (size and ºBRIX); See the full study on tomatoes.

RAZORMIN & Peppers

RAZORMIN, el bioestimulante aliado para tus cultivos Image 3. Yields of Razormin in peppers.

Pepper crops can also benefit from the biostimulant effects of RAZORMIN, as we have seen in our test field. In this test, the biostimulant was applied in three stages, via fertigation at a rate of 300ml/100L of water, starting with the fruit set. See the full study on peppers.

As shown by the following graphs, the use of RAZORMIN in peppers increased the yield parameters (weight per fruit, weight of the harvest and weight per plant) significantly, as well as the quality parameter analysed (longitudinal diameter of the fruit).

RAZORMIN & Broccoli

RAZORMIN, el bioestimulante aliado para tus cultivos Image 4. Results of the application of Razormin with broccoli (first and second harvest)

Lastly, we would like to present our most recent test with RAZORMIN: biostimulation with broccoli. For this test, it was applied through fertigation at a rate of 300ml/100L of water, starting with the fruit set. See the full study on broccoli.

The parameters that were evaluated were the total weight of the harvest and by unit (yield), and the perimeter and diameter of the fruit, as well as its longitudinal diameter (quality). The results obtained with RAZORMIN are clear (as the graphs show) with an increase in all of the analysed parameters:


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