• Positive Agriculture

    Human values, technical knowledge and love for the planet

Positive Agriculture is the result of the sum of highly technical knowledge combined with human values and a sense of environmental responsibility.

This vision includes a positive attitude of constant improvement and 'positive attention' to our business environment, to planet Earth and also to ourselves, as a human team.

It is well known that we are more than just "a line of agricultural products". We aim to treat the people around us with conscience and integrity. We want to inspire them to live in a state of wellbeing, to take care of themselves and to care for the land and crops worldwide, with the intention of supplying humanity with health and wellbeing through the food that comes into their homes.

Positive Agriculture is a movement of the people who make up the Atlántica Agrícola group. For the movement to take place, we must all work hand in hand, little by little: a collective and gradual change, which values farmers' vital labour, as well as all the work developed by sectors adjacent to this noble industry.

Positive Agriculture has 3 main lines of action through which it provides content and implements specific actions both internally (with employees) and externally (sales network, customers, and other interest groups):

  • Positive Humans
  • Positive Know-How
  • Positive Planet

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