Can-17 is a liquid binary fertilizer used as a nitrogen and calcium source to prevent  blossom-end rot problems in tomato and pepper crops, as well as the internal necrosis and the problems of tipburn in leaf crops.  This product also contributes to correct salinity problems due to the movement of calcium and sodium in the exchange complex. Soil application through irrigation system


Total nitrogen (N) 17 %w/w
    Nitric nitrogen (N) 12 % w/w
    Ammonium nitrogen (N)  5 % w/w
Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble  12,5 % w/w


Per application:

Fruit trees 150 – 200 cc/100L. 3 – 5 L/ha.
Horticultural crops 150 – 200 cc/100L. 2 – 4 L/ha.
Hydroponics 150 – 200 cc/100L. 2 – 4 L/ha.
Field crops 0,3 – 0,5 L/ha.
Ornamentals 150 – 200 cc/100L. 2 – 4 L/ha.
Nursery 75 – 150 cc/100L. 150-200 cc/1000L of water


*Note: These doses are indicative. The user is responsible for reducing or increasing the dose according to the vegetative state of the plant and the characteristics of the crop soil. This product should be applied with the guidance of an Agricultural Technician. For recommendations on specific doses, check with your local dealer or representative. The composition, method of application and dose of the products may vary from country to country due to climatic, technical and/or legal conditions.

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