The trust of our clients supports our work in the area and the use of Atlántica Agrícola  products increases in these plant growing areas year after year. The growth of Atlántica Agrícola has only been possible owing to the collaboration of our tomato producing clients who have yearly helped us to redesign our products and to adapt them to meet their needs.

Technical discussions take place throughout the season in the area with the aim of understanding and providing solutions to the problems that occur during the growing cycle.

Here is a summary of some key points about the current season in Andalusia.

In Andalusia, 11,230 Ha of tomatoes are grown with production reaching 697,498 tonnes (data from Hortyfruta for 2010).

This represents 62% of the total Spanish production.As the autumn season is progressively coming to an end, we can advance some general conclusions about how it went.

The 2010/2011 season showed a reduction in the amount of cherry tomatoes produced as the growers have focused on long-life varieties that are more profitable.

Tomato production was very much affected by the delay in the transplantation date as most of the plants were transplanted in the second half of August. This fact has considerably affected the season, causing a delay in production compared to the previous season.

Tomato crops were in full production between the second half of October and December and the quality of the harvest was particularly good.

From the second week in December, rain encouraged development of diseases and outbreaks of Mildew, Botrytis and Alternaria were visible in the greenhouses, which slightly reduced yields at the end of the production cycle.

It is still early to draw conclusions, but low yields and climatic conditions characterised by mild temperatures at the start of the cycle with the absence of rain resulted in a high quality harvest.

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