A tribute to our dear friend Pedro Marco, a reference painter from Villena and the first creative of Atlántica Agrícola

The past 4th of February our dear friend Pedro Marco, a renowned painter from Villena, passed away.

Pedro Marco, as well as a great friend of this house, was the creator of the basis of the graphic image for Atlántica Agrícola.

Marco has used Chinese ink, acrylics and graphite in several pictorial stages without losing the form and his mastery of drawing and tracing, which is what he applied in his artistic collaboration with us.

To this day, we continue to keep his memory alive not only in our hearts but also through his work, which remains in our company.

During the first decades, Pedro was the artist who created iconic images such as our logo, which is still in use today, or the Razormin sun. In addition, for many years, he was the creative behind our brochures and graphic designs representing our most emblematic products.

In words of Manuel Salguero, co-founder and co-president of Atlántica: "Pedro was a friend, a neighbour, a lifelong colleague...I remember the days we spent together designing the first logos and brochures of this company, about 40 years ago...in those days there were no images on the internet and to get the image of a fruit or a vegetable, you had to go to a farm or a market and then take a photo...creating each colour, each line, was a real journey, a very laborious and beautiful process that we had to go through, to get the image of our products.  It was a beautiful process that we had the honour of sharing with him".

Pedro Marco, wherever you are, we are sure that you will continue to create and share your infinite art.

Always in our hearts,

Atlántica Agrícola


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