Presentations have been in charge of D. Javier Satorre, Technical and Development Director of Atlantica Agrícola, and D. Marco Blundetto Commercial Manager of Agriblu, company that distributes our products on the island.These presentations have attracted great interest from attendees due to the products and the solutions that were presented. Current issues were discussed:- BIOPESTICIDES OF ATLÁNTICA AGRÍCOLA from plant extracts. These products have certain qualities that in association with plants can boost their immune system favoring their defense mechanisms against different kinds of pathogens, as well as acting, repelling, inhibiting or preventing their attack.There are many factors that influence on the manufactured efficiencies?, in ATLÁNTICA AGRÍCOLA we want to control production from the first step. We grow most plants we use for our extractions on our farm in Honduras and we control the extraction On the plant that BIOATLÁNTICA owns in that country, this allows us to achieve high homogeneity in our formulations and subsequent completion of many of the products in our plant in Spain.

Presentations have been in charge of D. Javier Satorre, Technical and Development Director of Atlantica Agrícola, and D. Marco Blundetto Commercial Manager of Agriblu, company that distributes our products on the island.

These presentations have attracted great interest from attendees due to the productsand the solutions that were presented.

Current issues were discussed:


These products have certain qualities that in association with plants can boost their immune system favoring their defense mechanisms against different kinds of pathogens,as well as acting, repelling, inhibiting or preventing their attack.

There are many factors that influence on the manufactured efficiencies?, in ATLÁNTICA AGRÍCOLA we want to control production from the first step. We grow most plants we use for our extractions on our farm in Honduras and we control the extraction On the plant that BIOATLÁNTICA owns in that country, this allows us to achieve highhomogeneity in our formulations and subsequent completion of many of the products inour plant in Spain.


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