Marta Gutiérrez, new CEO of Atlántica Agrícola

Replacing Francisco Miguel, until now the CEO of the company.


Atlántica Agrícola announces the appointment of Marta Gutiérrez as CEO, which will take effect on 7 June.

Francisco Miguel has decided to step down from his position from which he has led the company for the past 15 years.

With her new role, Marta's goal is to guide the company towards global expansion, digitisation and a comprehensive transformation, all of which she hopes to achieve over the next few years.

Boasting over 15 years of experience in the industry sector, Ms Gutiérrez has been responsible for projects such as managing production processes in international markets like Asia and Australia and developing business across various continents, which has enabled her to gain expertise in manufacturing, taxation, costs, logistics, purchasing and quality control in a range of global markets.

Marta has occupied the position of CEO, Associate Director and Director of Strategy and Business Development in companies in a number of sectors, including cement, technology and pharmacy.

I am excited to begin this new role and take on the responsibility of propelling us towards the transformation and growth of Atlántica Agrícola, furthering its commitment to its employees, clients and other interest groups, and developing high-output processes and agile methodologies that foster excellence, quality and innovation, while putting the focus on creating a conscious business model that is based on people, responsibility and sustainability”, declares the new CEO of Atlántica Agrícola.

In the words of Antonio Montilla, Co-President and Co-Founder of Atlántica Agrícola, “Marta Gutiérrez is joining our Big Global Family at a critical moment of generational transfer. In addition, she will provide her expert perspective on Industry 4.0 and a 360º business model, necessary for the company to take a qualitative leap forward and adapt to meet the demands of a society that is rapidly changing, a highly competitive global market and a planet that requires our urgent attention.”

Marta Gutiérrez is a technical industrial engineer who holds an executive MBA and is a regular at international conferences on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, enabling technologies and, especially, Blockchain.

Atlántica Agrícola is a world leader in nutrition, biostimulation and plant protection. With 40 years of experience and a total of 200 employees, the company now has a truly global outreach with 8 branches and a distribution network that disperses its solutions to over 60 countries. Atlántica Agrícola is a family company that is constantly growing and adapting, with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals at the centre of its activity, in addition to other European incentives such as From Farm to Fork and the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.  It is the goal of everyone at Atlántica Agrícola to create a positive agriculture for all, one that repairs and activates, and with soils and plants that have healthy structures, while increasing productivity levels and crop competitiveness. For more information, visit


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