Explosion of LIFE with the Atlanticell® Life Packs

The Starter, Starter Eco and Armour Atlanticell® Life Packs give life your soils and plants


Dr. Santiago Laserna, Technical Director of Atlántica Agrícola, talks about the new Atlanticell® Life Packs as a strategy to increase the microbial life of soils and improve the performance, quality and yield of harvests.


-  Question: What are the Atlanticell® Life Packs?

- Answer: The Atlanticell® Life Packs are solutions developed by Atlántica Agrícola to endow the soil-root system of any crop with beneficial life.


-Q: Why are there different Life Packs? What is the purpose of that?

-A: The Atlanticell® Life Packs cover the different crop management alternatives.

The microorganisms in the Atlanticell® Life Packs can be used in conventional agriculture, and we also offer Life Packs specially focused on organic farming, as is the case with the Atlanticell® Starter Eco Life Pack which combines beneficial microorganisms with Raykat® Root Eco, a biostimulant that promotes rooting and crop establishment.


-Q: Why is it important to incorporate microorganisms into agriculture, and at what stage of the crop cycle should they be applied?

-A: Nowadays everybody knows that we need to give life to the soil, and that this life should provide symbiotic activity with the plant.

The objective of incorporating microorganisms via Atlanticell® is to colonise key spaces in the soil-root system in a targeted way. On the one hand, this is to compete with other microorganisms, and on the other, to increase the efficiency of uptake of essential resources for the plant such as water and nutrients. This is of key importance in a water and nutrient efficiency context such as we have at present.

Remember that the sooner it is applied to any crop for early symbiosis development, the better results you will obtain. What we are seeking is an active, functional root, and to extend its radius of action by means of symbiotic elements that enable resources to be captured, which it would be more difficult for the plant to do on its own.

Therefore, application of the products should be focused on the phenological phases that correspond to the establishment of the crops, and also at times of root development in woody crops, and before peaks of high nutritional demand, usually during the phase when the plants become laden with fruit.


-Q: How do the microorganisms in the Atlanticell® Line interact with the plant’s root system? What effects do they trigger in the crops?

-A: The Atlanticell® Line is based on endophytic fungi and symbiotic bacteria which act by associating themselves at the interface of soil and root, from where they can explore hundreds of metres beyond. This makes this space an environment of maximum root activity and utilisation.

The first positive consequence is that this microbial life occupies an active space in symbiosis with the plant that results in a mutual objective of preservation and continual growth of both species. A mutual exchange takes place in which the microorganism is able to supply a greater quantity of nutrients, water and biostimulant responses than those the plant would be able to capture on its own. At the same time, the plant provides support and food to the microorganism so it can keep growing. 

The Atlanticell® Starter and Atlanticell® Starter Eco Life Packs ensure better initial rooting of the plants, achieving greater vigour and robustness during establishment. This lets the plant prepare for an earlier and better quality entry into production. This is essential to guarantee the initial productive stages of the crop when the plant is still competing within itself for growth or initial fruiting and provide yield even from the early stages.


-Q: What crops are the Atlanticell® Life Packs for? Can the Life Packs be used in organic farming?

-A: The Atlanticell® Life Packs can be used for any crop and in any type of soil.  They are an essential tool in sorely afflicted soils and those undergoing intense agriculture, to improve the capture of nutrients and water.

Since the Atlanticell® Life Packs are made up of symbiotic microorganisms, they can be used in both conventional and organic farming. There are also Packs specially composed for organic farming.


-Q: We can safely say that fertile soil is living soil. What measures does Atlántica Agrícola recommend to improve agricultural soils fatigued by intensive use?

-A: Care of the organic components of tired soil is essential to reconvert it. Therefore, all cultivation practices that aim to prevent the disintegration of the microbial life, whether care, management or handling, will boost the soil’s performance and are indispensable for maximum-intensity production.

Loss of microbial life is one of the triggers of rapid erosion that brings about a loss in the productive capacity of soils: this is exactly what differentiates a productive environment with a good future from an environment with an expiry date.


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