Atlantica Agrícola receives the visit of its Paraguayan and Bolivian distributors

During the second and third week of May, Atlántica Agrícola received in its main facilities, the visit by a delegation consisting by two groups of technicians and preferred customers of our Paraguayan and Bolivian distributors.

The visit considered, for both groups, a meeting in our offices where Dr.Wilbert Rodriguez (head of R & D + i of Atlántica Agrícola) made atechnical presentation. This presentation outlined the main technicalaspects of the families of the products in our portfolio.

On the other hand, the director of Strategic Development and Marketing ofour Paraguayan distributor, presented the results of field trials conducted inParaguay with Atlántica Agrícola´s products, showing production increasesachieved in comparison to standard fertilizer used by the farmer in their field.


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