Atlántica Agrícola, founding partner of AEVAE

The Spanish Association for the Package Recovery (AEVAE), is a non profit organization created in order to arrange an alternative collection system of agricultural packaging to give them a correct enviromental treatment. In this way we can provide farmers, distributors and fertilizer manufacturers the collection of packages distributed in the domestic market and compliance with current regulations.

From Atlántica Agrícola, we are confident that this initiative will be a great contribution to the quality of our services and to the environmental sustainability in our sector. With this participation we aim to invigorate the current market and provide an efficent, alternative, and economical solution for the proper management of our packaging.

AEVAE started its activity in the Spanish market from January 2016, its purpose is to provide a collection service of packages which are identified with the symbol of AEVAE.


What AEVAE offers:

Among many other services and benefits for the agricultural and environmental sector, AEVAE offers a valid alternative to the current system that facilitates the free market.

It offers to the rural environment an alternative system for properly manage packaging of products for agricultural use, and provides to the assembly centers a solution for packaging not attached to the current system. It facilitates to the member companies to compliance with the regulations and guarantees the collection and recovery of packaging which they distribute on the domestic market. It Guarantees the valorization of the 100% of packaging collected, and ensures optimization of logistics for the collection of packages, reducing storage times of packaging. Finally ensures to the fertilizer manufacturer members, to be exempted to the government (local, regional, national) management of packaging waste distributed on the market, taking charge of these obligations the Spanish Association for the Package Recovery. 108_Doc.-A.A.-distribuidores


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