Razormin® is a double-acting biostimulant (root and leaf) designed for the balanced activation of the crop’s internal metabolism in stages of intense vegetative and fruit growth, especially under conditions of high abiotic stress (foliar treatments). It also intensely promotes new absorbing roots if applied through the irrigation system.

Razormin® has become one of the company’s “Best Sellers”, thanks to its complex formula with more than 20 compounds including free, plant-derived L-amino acids, polysaccharides, NPK, and chelated microelements, in addition to powerful organic growth stimulants, such as vitamin complexes and different organic acids that complete its multi-site biostimulant qualities.

Main advantages of Razormin®:

  • Balanced vegetative biostimulation of the root and leaf.
  • Stimulation of metabolic processes, protecting the plant against all types of stress.
  • Photosynthetic activator under limited light conditions.
  • Reduces oxidative damage under stressful conditions (reduces damage caused by ROS). 
  • Increases the crop’s photosynthetic efficiency.
  • Promotes intense and long-lasting formation of absorbing roots. 
  • Induces substances related to cell division and elongation ("phytohormone-like substances"). 
  • Enhances fruit setting and fruit growth.
  • Increases the distribution of photoassimilates to the fruit during growth.


Free amino acids   7% w/w
Polysaccarides   3% w/w
Total nitrogen (N)   4% w/w
   Organic nitrogen (N) 2,1% w/w
   Nitric nitrogen (N) 0,9% w/w
   Ammonium nitrogen (N)  1% w/w
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)   4%w/w
Potassium oxide (K2O)   3% w/w
Iron (Fe) water soluble  0,4% w/w
Manganese (Mn) water soluble  0,1% w/w
Boron (B) water soluble  0,1% w/w
Zinc (Zn) water soluble  0,085% w/w
Copper (Cu) water soluble  0,02% w/w
Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble  0,01% w/w


CROP DOSE* (Irrigation L/ha) DOSE* (Foliar cc/100L) OBSERVATIONS
Horticulture and ornamentals 2-3 200-300

1-3 applications, depending on the crop, phenological stage, stress conditions, needs, etc. Apply at 15 to 20-day intervals.

Fruit trees 3-5 300-500 (2,5-3,0 L/ha using a high volume of treatment solution) Foliar: Apply at sprouting before blooming, directly after fruit setting or at the start of fruit growth Irrigation: root enhancement, etc. 1-3 applications at 15 to 20-day intervals
Hydroponics 1-2 200-300 Apply weekly dissolved in the nutrient solution
Extensive crops** --- 0,5-1,0 L/ha

Apply after 2-4 true leaves begin to appear, and for reactivation of activity after stress due to intense phytosanitary treatments, phytotoxicity, etc.

Nurseries --- 50 ---

* Dose per application. Do not mix with oils, coppers or sulphurs.

** SEED TREATMENT: Razormin can be used to develop seed treatments to activate emergence and initial development. To do this, use 0.5-2 l/tn seeds added to the fungicide treatment, before sowing.


*Note: These doses are indicative. The user is responsible for reducing or increasing the dose according to the vegetative state of the plant and the characteristics of the crop soil. This product should be applied with the guidance of an Agricultural Technician. For recommendations on specific doses, check with your local dealer or representative. The composition, method of application and dose of the products may vary from country to country due to climatic, technical and/or legal conditions.

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