Florone is a highly specific biostimulant which regulates the distribution of photoassimilates in the crop, according to the crop stage. It is capable of controlling the vegetative growth of the crop, depending on the phenological stage, triggering blooming, homogeneous fruit setting and improving fruit growth. It can also be used at the end of the cycle for the translocation of nutrients to reserve organs. Its composition of hydrolysed plant protein, formulated with NPK and microelements can be used for foliar applications or fertigation depending on the stage and development objectives.

Main advantages of Florone®

  • Regulates blooming.
  • Improves and promotes uniform fruit setting and growth.
  • Directs photoassimilates to reserve organs.
  • Optimises vegetative growth.
  • Transports nutrients to reserve organs during the final maturation stages.


Free amino acids 4 % w/w
Total nitrogen (N) 1 % w/w
   Organic nitrogen (N) 1 % w/w
Total phosphorus (P2O5) water soluble 10 % w/w
Total potassium (K2O)water soluble 10 % w/w
Boron (B) water soluble 0,25 % w/w
Molybdenum (Mo) water soluble 0,20 % w/w


CROP DOSE* (Irrigation L/ha) DOSE* (Foliar cc/100L) OBSERVATIONS
Horticulture and ornamentals 1-2 50-75 Foliar: 1-3 applications around the first blooming stages at 15-25-day intervals. Irrigation: 1-2 applications during fruit growth.
Fruit trees 2-3 70-80 Foliar: 1-2 applications after fruit setting.

1-2 applications at sprouting for vegetative structures.

Berry crops 1-2 50-75 Foliar: 1-2 applications before blooming at 10-15-day intervals depending on the crop. Irrigation: applications at 10-15-day intervals during fruit growth.
Ornamentals 1-2 50-75 ---
Extensive crops --- 0,2-0,6 L/ha 1-2 applications during growth stages (V6-V8) and the first productive stages (R1-R2)


*Doses per application. Do not mix with oils, sulfur, cupric products or highly acid reaction products.


*Note: These doses are indicative. The user is responsible for reducing or increasing the dose according to the vegetative state of the plant and the characteristics of the crop soil. This product should be applied with the guidance of an Agricultural Technician. For recommendations on specific doses, check with your local dealer or representative. The composition, method of application and dose of the products may vary from country to country due to climatic, technical and/or legal conditions.

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