Sodial® is an active salinity corrector composed of calcium complexed with active organic acids (PHC) that improves aggregates and the soil exchange complex under high salinity conditions, displacing sodium to deeper horizons through fertigation. Its calcium-based formulation complexed with active organic acids can be used in specific stages of intense calcium fixation in tissues (stages of strong cell division and/or early fruit formation).

Action of Sodial®

  • Reduces soil salinity and improves soil structure and drainage.
  • Reduces the risk of salinity when using irrigation water with excess salts.
  • Provides a source of assimilable calcium to the crop and increases the rate of nutrient absorption through the root.
  • Improves the quality and shelf-life of fresh fruit by increasing the amount of calcium bound in the cell wall.
  • Promotes root regeneration and nutrient intake thanks to the high amount of active organic acids (PHC).


Polyhydroxyphenyl carboxylic acids (ODM) 40 % w/w
Calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble 7 % w/w


CROP DOSE (in irrigation water) SPECIFIC TREATMENT
Fruit trees 6-8 cc/m3

Repeated treatments of 5 l/ha until a value of 40-50 l/ha is achieved per production cycle.

Horticultural crops

3-5 cc/m3

1st treatment: 5-10 l/ha (after establishment). Subsequent irrigations: 2-3 l/ha applications until 15-25 l/ha is applied per cycle.
Extensive crops 2-4 cc/m3 1st treatment: 5-10 l/ha (after emergence). Additional treatments depending on the soil: 2-3 treatments of 2-4 l/ha .
Berries 3-5 cc/m3 1st treatment: 5-10 l/ha (after establishment). Subsequent irrigations: 2-3 l/ha applications until 25-30 l/ha is applied per cycle.
Grass 0,5 - 1,0 cc/m3 1st treatment:  3-5 l/ha (before implantation). Maintenance: 2-3 l/ha every 15 days.


Recommendations for use:


1.- Washing treatment (Shock treatment).Start irrigation and apply a high concentration of Sodial to the irrigation water (5-15 l/ha), applying the last part of the irrigation water directly to the active root zone. Do not water for 24 hours. Then, irrigate with plenty of water allowing the unlocked sodium cations from the colloid to be leached into the deeper layers. Irrigate as usual after treatment.


2.- Maintenance irrigation. Apply regular treatments with Sodial (2-5 l/ha) via traditional irrigation, every 15-25 days, to maintain soil salinity concentrations suitable for cultivation. The dose per volume can also be used to improve the salinity properties of the irrigation water. 


NOTA: When using Sodial® as a dynamic source of calcium, apply 2-3 concentrated doses (15-30 l/ha) for a total of 20-50 litres/ha, starting in the early stages of fruit formation (early setting) and repeat after 15-20 days. Ex:

  • 1st application at early setting: 30 l/ha
  • 2nd application (+15 days): 15 l/ha

Do not mix with sulphates, phosphates or alkaline reactive substances.


*Note: These doses are indicative. The user is responsible for reducing or increasing the dose according to the vegetative state of the plant and the characteristics of the crop soil. This product should be applied with the guidance of an Agricultural Technician. For recommendations on specific doses, check with your local dealer or representative. The composition, method of application and dose of the products may vary from country to country due to climatic, technical and/or legal conditions.

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