January 2021

Atlanticell Micomix, your ally to take your wheat crop to the next level

Atlántica Agrícola’s R+D+I department is responsible for the development and validation of the company’s new products. The company recently developed Micomix, Atlántica Agrícola’s first product composed of microorganisms framed within the new Atlanticell® product line. Micomix is a biological stimulant composed primarily of mycorrhizal fungi, rhizobacteria, and chelated micronutrients. The presence and development of these microorganisms in the rhizosphere creates a symbiotic relationship with the plant that favours the absorption of water and mineral nutrients and increases its tolerance to water and salt stress. The contribution of chelated microelements favours plant development, increasing crop productivity.


The test objective was to evaluate the effect of Atlanticell® Micomix application on wheat yield.


A 1kg/ha dose of Micomix was applied 30 days after sowing wheat in the field, specifically in one of the company’s experimental plots in Villena (Alicante). The product was applied via fertigation by adding the dose of the product to the irrigation line.


The following results were observed after harvesting:

First, the presence of mycorrhizae was confirmed in the roots of the plants treated with the product (see Figure A), as well as their absence in the control cultivated with no application of Micomix. Next, the size of the ear was evaluated, where an increase in the average ear size was observed after Micomix application (see Figure B, left). Following this evaluation, we observed that the ears of the plants treated with Micomix showed a higher number of wheat grains. The right side of Figure B shows the area occupied by the grains from a total of 100 ears. Finally, 1000 wheat grains were randomly selected from each of the treatments and weighed. The plants treated with Micomix showed a significant increase in weight (see Figure C).


  • The mycorrhizae present in the plants treated with Atlanticell® Micomix successfully colonised the rhizosphere of the wheat plants.
  • The application of 1 kg/ha of Micomix in wheat increased the crop yield, increasing the average ear weight by 15%, and increased the number of grains per ear, increasing the grain weight by 19%.

A) Root of a wheat plant treated with Micomix showing the presence of mycorrhizal structures

B) Comparison of the average ear size for the Control and Micomix treatments, and the area occupied by the grains extracted from a total of 100 ears from each treatment.

C) Graph of the weight of 1000 wheat grains. Micomix increased grain weight by 19%.

Do you want to know more about Atlanticell Micomix? Watch the following product video to find out how the product works: