October 2019

An interview with David Candil, Marketing Director, Atlántica Agrícola

Given that Atlantica Agricola is sponsoring the 4th Biostimulants World Congress, that will take place from the 18th to the 21st of november in Barcelona, and is organised twice a year by New AG International magazine, we want to share with you this interview with our Marketing Director, David Candil.

 The 4th World Biostimulants Congress is the biggest Agricultural Biostimulants Congress in the world, and it will gather the most recognized international experts in this innovative area.

Along with companies and other personalities from the agricultural sector, we will talk about the biggest improvements in the biostimulants field, such as seaweeds extracts, hydrolyzed proteins, etc.

Entrevista a David Candil, director de Marketing de Atlántica Agrícola - 4th World Biostimulants Congress - 4º Congreso Mundial de Bioestimulantes
Hello David, it is a delight to be able to find out more about yourself and your company , Atlántica Agrícola. Please can you tell me a little about yourself and how you joined this industry?

I am an agronomist with intensification in agricultural economics and with specific training in marketing and commercial management. Since the beginning of 2019 I have been the Marketing Director at Atlántica Agrícola S.A., a leading company in the manufacture of specialty fertilizers based in Spain and with presence in more than 60 countries worldwide, being guarantor and responsible for all activities related to the departments under my responsibility, such as: Commercial, Technical, R&D, Expansion, Regulatory, Design and Communication. My professional development has been linked from the beginning to the agronomic sector, both nationally and internationally, performing my work in the Commercial areas, as Export Director and Marketing Director, being responsible for the achievement of the Strategic Plan of the Company.

How has your company changed over the years? Where is your core focus now in terms of products?

Atlántica Agrícola has focused on development and promotion of functional fertilization through our references, contributing to reduce the chemical load on soils and crops. At the same time, we have tried to advance into the new European regulatory framework that will regulate biostimulants defining their functions and effects on crops. At present, Atlántica Agrícola works in two fundamental lines of research. On one hand, we are searching for new specialty fertilizers with more specific effects for each type of crop and, on the other, we are developing more and better biopesticides based on plant extracts and microorganisms and their fermentations.

What is your mission for Atlantica Agricola?

To contribute, from all company’s departments, that Atlántica Agrícola is consolidated as an international benchmark in the development, innovation and commercialization of new biostimulant and biopesticide solutions that provide value to the farmer and allow efficient and sustainable production, with low or no impact to the  environment and to the people health.

Where do you see some of the greatest potential in Agriculture today? For example in Biologicals, Precision Agriculture or any other technology?

In two main lines: in the reduction of phytosanitary applications in crops with the development of more environmentally friendly solutions, together with innovation in specialty products that provide direct answers to specific crop problems at the level of stimulation and development that allow to obtain high commercial value crops. All this will be linked to a better use of available resources, such as water, which is already a challenge and will be increasingly in the medium and long term.

What are some of the core challenges, in your view, that biostimulant companies face today?

Do not succumb to the products banalization and to investigate new solutions that provide differential results. It is not about applying products by simple tradition but about making the most of resources to achieve higher yields without reducing final quality of the harvest. The world population continues growing rapidly and it is assumed, expected and desired that all these people are better fed than today, therefore, agricultural production has to grow tremendously. With these premises, the only way we have to feed all these people is with greater productivity, and one of the fundamental ways to make each crop hectare more productive is biostimulation and functional fertilization.

 For Atlantica Agricola, it is an honor to be golden sponsors of the Biostimulants World  Congress. Due to the hight technical and scientific level of the occasion. Trough this sponsorship, we have the oportunity to create a debate around matters as important as scientific research and the identification of new bioactive components, or the interaction between biostimulants, amongst many other subjects.

Atlántica Agrícola patrocina el 4º Congreso Mundial de Bioestimulantes (4th World Biostimulants Congress) 

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