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We bring health and wellbeing to people through effective solutions to improve agriculture.

We serve farmers with our high quality products, offering innovative solutions that ensure a healthy food ecosystem for everyone. Since its establishment in 1982, Atlántica Agrícola has encompassed much more than just fertiliser development.

With the selection of every ingredient and every composition, we strive to obtain the highest quality and the highest levels of sustainability and social responsibility at the local, national and global levels.

Over time, we have grown and studied different crop spectrums, analysing how we can provide the best service.

Global vocation, local solutions

In a constant state of listening


We currently provide solutions for a network of 60 countries and our brand is a benchmark of quality worldwide. This is the result of our constantly evolving research department’s, 3LABS, ability to adapt our products to each type of crop, climate and agronomic technique, in a constant state of listening to farmers’ demands in every part of the planet.

We have a network of distributors and technicians in each country, who bring experience and knowledge to our production plant to improve how we listen, care for, and serve our customers.

Bioatlántica, our training and production plant

Ecological and organic products

Atlántica Agrícola aims to position itself as a world leader in the production and marketing of highly effective ecological and organic products that provide farmers with efficient tools that can be included in their treatment programs and thus reduce the chemical burden of their crops.

For this purpose, we have a product development line made of plant extracts. The raw materials used to obtain these extracts are grown and processed to control the production process from start to finish.

Agriculture must be able to maintain its productivity and profitability as well as reduce its impact on the environment. For this reason, one of the company’s main objectives is the formulation of products with a low environmental impact.

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