• Family culture

    Welcome to our great global family

Family culture

The foundation of our company

Our culture is the basis of everything we do at Atlántica Agrícola.

As a family business, Atlántica Agrícola evolves and grows from a strong sense of family that influences every aspect of the company’s development.

We are a multinational company that functions as a large global family, made up of all of Atlántica Agrícola’s employees and stakeholders.

Thanks to all of them, and to the work that each performs within this value chain, Atlántica Agrícola is able to provide effective solutions to agriculture, with the ultimate goal of bringing people health and wellbeing.

A family business is the perfect storm between the rational world of business and the emotional world of family. We want to be an example of longevity in family businesses. We like being the local shop and, in turn, operating in every part of the world, simultaneously raising the levels of wellbeing of our stakeholders and our business figures."

Manuel Salguero

Founding Partner, Atlántica Agrícola

Share the legacy

And make people grow

When a meaningful tradition goes beyond its founders, it means that a legacy has been created.

The legacy is the result of the incorporation and integration of a framework of knowledge, culture and values by successive generations.

The magic of the existence of a legacy only arises when there is acceptance, understanding, integration and incorporation of the founders' creativity by the next generations, who are open to receiving this inheritance. 

The beauty of a legacy is that, as founders, we do not choose to pass it on. That would not be real. It is the generations that come after, who decide whether or not it is a legacy for them, whether they feel it is theirs. In our case, everything is flowing positively in this sense and the miracle of the legacy continues..."

Antonio Montilla

Founding Partner, Atlántica Agrícola

The legacy is an intangible gift from the founders, a surrender of their dream and their desire to the next generation; a story which must be told over and over again, never forgetting to always add another chapter. At Atlántica Agrícola, there are several aspects that define our legacy:


  • Respect for the land
  • Respect for those who work the land
  • Commitment to the work we do
  • Recognition of effort
  • Initiative, determination and perseverance
  • Balanced relationships with the environment, others and ourselves
  • Integrity
  • Humanity
  • Contribution to the community
  • Feeling of unity: family
  • Proximity, communication
  • Empathy, connection and proper treatment
  • Innovation
  • To continue to build a positive legacy



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