• Awareness and sustainability

    Awareness of the planet, others and ourselves

Our sustainability policy pivots on the 3 main axes of awareness that are at the heart of our activity on all levels, and for which we are developing measures to achieve greater balance and wellbeing:

Planetary awareness Planetary awareness

  • Creation of 100% organic and biological product lines
  • Continuous R&D for the improvement of our products from an environmental point of view
  • Energy management
    • Photovoltaic energy, geothermal energy, clean electricity, electric mobility
  • Waste management
    • Our production process uses a large amount of waste.
      • We transform waste from multiple industries.
      • Zero water spills
      • Zero smoke emissions
      • Waste pick-up to produce new packaging
    • Zero waste for the customer. Precision agriculture
    • Circular ideas: we work from a circular production concept, from start to finish.
      • The origin of our products are other companies’ by-products (food or vegetable industry).
      • And the result of the application of our products is regenerative, just like our field of application, agriculture.
  • Atlántica Agrícola has the following ECO Certifications:


Social awareness Social awareness

  • Sense of stakeholder responsibility
  • Fair treatment of our farmers
  • Valuable crop collaboration programmes in our target countries
  • Social projects to strengthen local economies
  • Assistance for climate change-affected areas

Self-awareness Self-awareness

  • Care for the people who work at Atlántica Agrícola
  • Medical insurance
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Equality plan
  • Internal monitoring system
  • Career plans
  • Creation of a good internal climate
  • Generation of an organisational culture that creates wellbeing
  • Integration as an extension of our founding family
  • Continuous training for our professionals
  • Workspaces that generate wellbeing

Atlántica Agrícola’s awareness and sustainability policy is directly connected to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. World leaders from 93 countries agreed upon these goals and we are committed to their implementation by 2030.

The goals pursue equality between people, protect the planet and ensure prosperity as part of a new sustainable development agenda. A new global social contract that leaves no one behind.

There are 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and Atlántica Agrícola conveys their actions of awareness and sustainability primarily through three of them: 3, 12 and 15. However, we are constantly evolving, and other SDGs are already beginning to form part of our day to day, such as 5 and 8 among others.

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