Final Sprint of the year for Atlántica Agrícola
28 December, 2018
At Atlántica Agrícola we invest 10% of our turnover in researching new formulations for modern agriculture.
22 April, 2019

Atlántica Agrícola will be Gold Sponsor of the New AG 4th Biostimulant World Congress 2019

True to our commitment to research and development of specific and innovative solutions for agriculture, from Atlántica Agrícola we sponsor the 4th Biostimulants World Congress organized biannually by the prestigious magazine New AG International and that will take place at the end of 2019 in Barcelona.

The largest agricultural biostimulants congress in the world will gather for three days the most important international experts in the different fields of knowledge related to this important area of innovation. Together with leading companies and other sector agents, we will discuss the most outstanding advances in understanding the mode of action and effects of the main biostimulants in agriculture: seaweed extracts, hydrolysed proteins, humic substances, microbial inoculants, etc.

Despite the fact that its use dates back to antiquity, it is undeniable that in recent years advances in research and development of biostimulants for agricultural production have boosted its use, not only in organic production, but also in more technified traditional agriculture.

From Atlántica Agrícola, we are convinced that this growing global trend is due to the great effectiveness and necessity of biostimulants, but also to the increase of the farmer’s knowledge and the greater availability in the market. That is why, during the last few years, we have focused our efforts on enhancing our research to add new products to our catalog that improve yield and quality of crops, while continuing our expansion in a global way, currently having a presence in more than 60 countries.

Since our inception, our success has been based not only on exporting and developing quality products, but also on ensuring technical and commercial support in each country, which brings  knowledge and personalized experience to each client and farmer.

It is therefore an honor for us to be gold sponsors of the World Bioestimulant Congress given the high scientific-technical level of the appointment, and the opportunity that we have to support the debate that drives such important questions in research as the identification of new bioactive components, their action on gene expression, the biochemical and physiological role involved, or the interaction between biostimulants and endogenous regulators in the response to plant stress, among others.

With all these attractive themes on the table, the appointment is essential. We hope to see you there.

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